3rd RACE - ALBACETE, Spain
, 12th 2008

NINA PRINZ - Superstock 1000
IRIS TEN KATEN - Superstock 600




ELENA ROSELLDuring a race declared wet, but where the rain stops some minutes before the start and the riders go for different choices, some with dry and some with rain tyres, the difference is made by who choose the right type.
The riders of the first two rows are starting with rain tyres, except for Nina Prinz that has a dry one on the rear wheel, Sharon Mermet and Deb Cartwright with dry tyres on both wheels as most of the riders in third and forth row.

Since from the first lap, the right choice appears to be the rain compound, infact the Spanish Rosell and the Hungarian Kovacs take the lead immediately leaving behind the group with Mermet, Katen, Janakova and Katrasnik.

NIKOLETT KOVACSBad start for Nina Prinz that, equipped with a dry rear tyre, can't keep the pace of the first ones and ends the first lap in seventh position, a situation absolutely unusual for her in the women championship.

Meanwhile Rosell and Kovacs are giving a show in the lead, overtaking each other during all the race and finishing by a distance of more than 30 seconds from the rest of the group. The winner, after a last overtaking during the seventh lap, is the young Spanish rider Elena Rosell (pole position on Saturday in the 600 class, 1.36.6) who had already displayed her talent during the Saturday sessions.

Behind them another race is on the way, the fight for the title of European Champion of the Superstock 600 between Iris Ten Katen and Marketa Janakova. The Dutch woman passes Mermet during the second lap and begins a solitary race, but after a while the Czech starts to close the gap, fighting before with Katrasnik, then passing Mermet at the fifth lap and finally, with nobody ahead, increases the pace and catches up with the rival but Katen resists and passes under the chequered flag with 0.6 seconds of advantage. For the second year in a row, the title of European Champion goes to the Flying Dutchwoman Iris Ten Katen who has declared her retirement from the competitions after this wonderful prize to devote herself to the doctor's profession.

NINA PRINZBehind these two breathtaking duels, the German Prinz (pole position saturday 1.33.3) gets back few positions up to the fifth and first in the 1000 class, this guarantees her second title of European Champion for this category in a row. It's been an exhausting day for her given that, just after the podium, she started in the men's Superstock 1000 race where she achievied an excellent 14th place and a best lap just 2 seconds away from the European Champion Carmelo Morales. Thirtytwo laps in just a bit more than an hour for this great talent of the female motorcycling who announces a participation as wild card in a Superbike race for the next year.

Fifth position in the 600 class for the young Slovenian rider Tina Katrasnik, still suffering for an injury occurred at Rijeka few weeks ago, that loses the third position in the final standings of the Championship with Kovacs (both of them have 43 points but the Hungarian benefits of a second place in a race). Tina overtakes Mermet during the tenth lap; the Italian finishes in sixth position, first of the riders equipped with dry tyres on both the wheels.

IRIS TEN KATENVice-Champion in the Stock 1000 class is the Italian Lara Cordioli that ends the race in eleventh position in spite of a bike failure during the last lap, just behind the Spanish Ingrid Cornet, Ana Mulero and the Russian Natasha Lyubimova. Not much to do for the English Deb Cartwright using dry tyres, twelfth whereas the other English, but with Spanish licence, Elisabeth Hoyle is thirteenth and on the third place of the podium in the 1000 category. Last place for the Spanish M. Jesus Vano, while the Spanish Eva Blanquez does not finish the race, due to a fall during the third lap, even though she had proved to deserve a better result after the position on the second row of the starting grid.

Seventeen riders were attending this race and thirtytwo was the total number of riders competing in this Championship, on behalf of eleven countries (Holland, United Kingdom, Italy, Spain, Germany, Poland, Czech Republic, Slovenia, Hungary, Russia and Belgium)








Qualifying Practice
pole position Superstock 1000: Nina Prinz - 1.33.3
pole position Superstock 600: Elena Rosell - 1.36.6

NINA PRINZ1st Qualifying Practice
17 riders of the European Championship are present for the Saturday morning qualifying session at 10:00.
Strong wind and worrying big clouds cannot stop Nina Prinz in a fantastic shape, she scores the best time of 1.33.345 with her Yamaha R1 of the Official Yamaha Germany team.
Prinz is followed by the 22 years old Spaniard Elena Rosell, new entry in this Championship but comfortable on her home circuit. She holds the temporary pole position for the 600 class with a time of 1.36.688. In her young career, Elena has some Spanish Championships (CEV Supersport, Suzuki Cup) to her's credit besides several international participations at Endurance competitions like last year at the 24h of Montmelo in Barcelona in a only women team together with Paola Cazzola, Eliana Pezzilli and Urska Tursnek.

ELENA ROSELLSecond position in the 600 class for the Czech Marketa Janakova (Suzuki Gsx600 of the Mayer Team, 1.37.8) who's fighting for the title of Champion on that class with Iris Ten Katen (Honda CBR600, Duntep team), both of them with 45 points. Forth position for the Italian Sharon Mermet, followed by the Hungarian Nikolett Kovacs, the Spaniard Eva Blanquez, the English Cartwright and the Slovenian Katrasnik, right now at the third place in the Championship with 32 points.





2nd Qualifying Practice

Pouring rain during the second qualifying practice, only few riders are going in just to try the settings for an possible wet race of tomorrow given that it's not possible to improve the morning results.
Once more the Dutch Ten Katen shows to be the favourite under the rain, obtaining a best time of 2.07.2, more than 2 seconds better than Kovacs and especially almost 7 seconds better than the rival Janakova.

IRIS TEN KATENGood results on the wet tarmac for the Russian Natasha Lyubimova (third best time)
But, for the positions on the starting grid, the reference times are the ones achieved in the morning. Only one rider has not qualified, the Spaniard Laura Martinez that didn't take part at the first session and could not do any better under the rain of the afternoon practice.
First row and pole position for the German Nina Prinz (Pole for Superstock 1000 class with 1.33.3), the Spaniard Elena Rosell (Pole for Superstock 600 class with 1.36.6), the Czech Marketa Janakova and the Dutch Iris Ten Katen.
Second row for the Italian Sharon Mermet, the Hungarian Nikolett Kovacs, the Spaniard Eva Blanquez and the English Deb Cartwright.
Third row for the Slovenian Tina Katrasnik, the English Elisabeth Hoyle plus the Spaniard Ingrid Cornet and Ana Mulero.
Last row on the grid made by the Italian Lara Cordioli, the Russian Natasha Lyubimova and the Spaniard Maria Jesus Vano and Tamara Gordillo.

Nina Prinz will compete even in the men's Superstock 1000, where she got a best time of 1.33.3 in the first qualifying practice. There will be another woman racing in Albacete out of the Women Championship, the 17 years old Frend Ornella Ongaro in the 125 GP class.





EUROPEAN CHAMPIONSHIP - ALBACETEThe engines are warming up in sight of the European motorcycle racing big event: from this year, the European Championship will take place just in one final at Albacete (Spain) on the 12th of October and it will be organized by UEM and promoted by Dorna and FGSport.
The strongest European riders, winners of the respective National Championships, will fight for the title of European Champion in this race, in front of an exceptional audience including MotoGP and SBK promoters.

This is a great opportunity for the riders of the European Women's Championship: to compete in the last race of the Championship inside this event of high international importance and get themself noticed by important media and operators.

All the riders, both the ones already listed in the Female Championship standings and the wild cards who will compete just in the Spanish race (it's possible to require a one-event promotional licence to the UEM: please send asap your details to for all the info) - will be able to take part in the final of the EWC.

While in the Superstock 1000 the German Nina Prinz is really close to the title, having 18 point of advantage on Lara Cordioli, in the Superstock 600 class the Czeck Marketa Janacova and the Dutch Iris Ten Katen, both of them with 45 points, will dispute the title in this last race, even with a large number of other contenders not yet mathematically out of the picture, as the young Slovenian Tina Katrasnik, the Hungarian Nikolett Kovacs and the Italian Sharon Mermet.

18 riders:

Janakova Marketa (CZ, ACCR, Suzuki)
Nina Prinz (D, DMSB, Yamaha)
Ana Belén Mulero (E, RFME, Suzuki)
Ingrid Cornet (E, RFME, Yamaha)
Maria Jesus Vaño (E, RFME, Suzuki)
Tamara Gordillo (E, RFME, Yamaha)
Eva Blanquez (E, RFME, Kawasaki)
Laura Martinez (E, RFME, Honda)
Elena Rosell (E, RFME, Honda)
Deb Cartwright (GB, ACU, Yamaha)
Elisabeth Hoyle (GB, ACU, Suzuki)
Nikolett Kovacs (H, MAMS, Yamaha)
Sharon Merret (I, FMI, Kawasaki)
Lara Cordioli (I, FMI, MV Augusta)
Iris Ten Katen (NL, KMNV, Honda)
Natasha Lyubimova (RUS, MFR, Yamaha)
Nadezhda Yakhnich (RUS, MFR, Yamaha)
Tina Katrasnik (SLO, AMZS, Suzuki)

This is an extraordinary opportunity for the riders and the teams to finish the racing season with a special prize: to race in front of the international motorcycling protagonists and show to everybody (the promoters confirmed a remarkable television coverage) the level achieved by the female motorcycling in the last years.

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