1st RACE - VALLELUNGA, ITALY May, 20th 2007

Nina Prinz, Eliana Pezzilli

The winners of the 1000cc Superstock class is the German Nina Prinz, second place for the Italian Paola Cazzola and third position for the italian Alessia Polita.
Italian success in the 600cc Superstock class for the Italian Eliana Pezzilli, followed by the Dutch Iris Ten Katen, where the Italian Romana Fede grabs te third place

Nina Prinz was waiting for the victory here in Vallelunga since her debut at the female european championship in 2006, where she scored a best lap of two seconds faster than the Italian pursuers, and missed it just for a fall during the first lap which cost her the victory, the podium and heavy points in the run to the european title.
The past weekend, the German rider of the Ducati Y2K team has achieved all the goals: the new female record of the Vallelunga track, a clamorous time of 1.43.0 during the Saturday qualifying practices, and the race victory in the Superstock 1000cc class on Sunday. This has been a foreseen win after Nina overtook the italian Paola Cazzola (team Yamaha Piellemoto) during the second lap to fly away keeping a pace of 1.43-1.44. Second position for the 2006 champion Paola Cazzola, followed by Alessia Polita, Samuela De Nardi and Manuela La Licata, all of them with such remarkable distances that didn't offer any struggle to the audience during the 14 laps race. Early retirement for Letizia Marchetti, present at the start in spite of a serious injury got at two fingers of the right hand on a Saturday's fall, but incapable to continue after the first lap due to the swollen hand and the applied stitches notwithstanding the Roman rider has shown a fighting spirit worthy of the Ducati champion Troy Bayliss. It's been a pity because previously Marchetti scored the great time of 1.44.1 on saturday.

Undisputed success for Eliana Pezzilli of the Yamaha Piellemoto team in the Superstock 600cc class: new female record of the track for the 600cc class (1.46.9) achieved on saturday, victory and fastest lap on the Sunday race. A race that she led in the best way, managing the advantage she got from the Dutch Iris Ten Katen (Ten Kate Honda Van Peperzeel RacingTeam) who arrived at the second position. The only real fight has been between Cristina Peluso and Romana Fede, the Ducati Y2K team rider, pugnacious in spite of a bruised hand, was able to engage an enthralling battle against the 2006 Italian champion now riding for the Vasar team. After many changes of position, Fede grabs the third place during the next to last lap and she keeps it until the end, passing under the finishing line before Peluso just by the skin of one's teeth.
Fifth position for the English Susie Grayson, sixth and seventh are the Italian Manuela Bocchino and Raffaella Ghirarduzzi.
An crash during the first lap has involved three riders struggling for a place on the podium: the Spanish Mireija Clavijo, the Slovenian Tina Katrasnik and the Italian Sharon Mermet has fallen (Mermet was able to resume the race but arriving just at the 13th position, where the Spanish rider suffered an ankle bruise).

Next date for all the riders on the 15th of July at Assen in Holland, second leg of the European female Championship, where we should have a new entry, the Brazilian rider Ana Lima, winner of the 125cc championship in 2005.

Samuela De Nardi - Alessia Polita

EUROPEAN WOMEN CHAMPIONS 2005 Samuela De Nardi - Alessia Polita
Paola Cazzola - Chiara Valentini

EUROPEAN WOMEN CHAMPIONS 2006 Paola Cazzola - Chiara Valentini
Nina Prinz - Iris Ten Katen

EUROPEAN WOMEN CHAMPIONS 2007 Nina Prinz - Iris Ten Katen
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